Sunrise at Kipahulu, Maui

  (Above, Treasure) The Chinese style window opens to reveal one of the silverly sunrises often witnessed at Kipahulu, at the south of Maui. Set against the sunrise is the Chinese character for treasure, bao (3),  (in simplified Chinese ).
  Images from a bamboo forest and blossoms of mei (mei2, ), also known by their Japanese name, ume, and usually simply translated as "plum" in English, decorate the bottom of the page. Mei hwa (plum blossoms) and bamboo are two elements comprising what are known as the "Four Gentlemen (四君子)" in Chinese art, the other two being the orchid and chrysanthemum.

clear light

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Things Chinese on Maui

The Chinese language, Tai Ji Qi Gong, a Chinese exercise form, and other aspects of Chinese culture are treasures available right here on the island of Maui, itself a treasure.

Life does contain treasures, but many are hidden, and go unnoticed even as we pass right by them. Some may not even appear as treasures at first until we take the time to learn what they are. A new language, a new understanding of culture are such treasures that continue to increase in value over time.

The treasures we feature here developed in China, have been thousands of years in the making, building on the creativity and discovery of millions of people. They are available now on Maui, waiting to enrich anyone willing to make the effort to reach out and access them, and make them part of their lives.

Chinese Mandarin Language
Learn the language spoken or understood by around a billion people and rising rapidly in global importance. Ability in Mandarin Chinese opens the door to new kinds of opportunities that make all the difference in the world.  More...
Chinese Culture
There's so much here.  More...
A moving, meditative Chinese exercise form building on both Taiji and QiGong for physical health and spiritual balance.  More...

Maui Chinese is small and personal, and instruction is very customizable. Get in touch with us concerning your unique needs.